5 Reasons You Should Make Solitude a New Year Resolution

use solitude to your advantage and boost your spirit


Solitude has always been devalued, and it even gets worse in today’s hyper-connected society. Spending time alone might seem boring to many people, especially when they are surrounded by technology like TV, smartphones, and computers.

Contrary to popular opinion, choosing to spend some quality time alone under the right circumstances has excellent psychological benefits.

Gone are the days when solitude was associated with people who are sad, lonely and possess antisocial tendencies. To spend time alone is not always bad, it is good to use it to your advantage and boost your spirit and happiness .

When pursued by choice, studies show that spending time alone can improve therapeutic. It is highly beneficial to your creativity, productivity, and mental health.

To have a better understanding of how solitude is helpful, we will discuss the benefits of solitude.

Solitude enhances concentration and increases productivity

Solitude gets rid of the interruptions and distractions that we encounter in our day to day lives. This, in turn, gives you better concentration.

With no distractions you can be more productive, meaning that you can do more work within a shorter duration.Unwind and reboot your brain

Your brain needs to have some rest after a hard day’s work to replenish it. Some “ME TIME” helps you to clear your mind from distractions and enables you to focus more. You see things more clearly with a well-rested brain. See it as an opportunity to revitalize your body and mind at the same time.

Discover your inner self

Spending some time alone allows you to find your inner voice. Being involved continuously in group work gives you less time to do what you want, you will often go along with whatever the group decides.

The everyday responsibilities give us less time to focus on self. You need to be able to make your own choices, and the time you spend alone will give you the chance to do exactly that.

Solve problems more thoughtfully

 When you have constant distractions, it can be hard to think of or find effective solutions to your problems. Having some alone time will give you the opportunity to go through different solutions and picking the right one.

Get along with other people

Before you love others, you need to love yourself first, solitude improves the quality of relationships you have with other people. When you spend some time alone, you get a better understanding of yourself.

That way, you know who you are and what you desire in life. Knowing yourself better help you make better life choices like the people you hang out with and how to appreciate how you relate to them.

For you to enjoy the discussed benefits of spending time alone, find some time for solitude from your schedule. It can be daunting but worth a try.

Disconnect from the way you usually connect with others by turning off internet, TV or smartphone for a while. Take 15 minutes to meditate in the morning when you wake up or take some evening runs.

Make it one of your  New Year’s resolutions and being consistent will help you not give up on this noble practice.