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First Impression: 5 Tricks to Make a Good Impression


The first impression is made in seven seconds, it was said for a long time. Those days are over! In our fast-paced, visually-shaped time, your counterpart has already decided after two or three seconds: You are sympathetic or you are not, reassuring or not, competent or not. That may not be fair – how many talents bloom in secret! But what use is lamenting? You do not do it any differently, whether you like it or not. Since the perception and social psychologists are very sure of their cause.

To leave a good impression you do not have to have an innate charisma – good expressions and a correct appearance in different situations can be learned. No matter if first date or job interview – the first impression counts.

Of course, this should be as good as possible. But that’s not so easy when you consider that it takes less than a second for other people to decide if they like you. Yeah, that’s how fast. But do not panic, we have five ultimate tips for you, how to make a good first impression every time!

1. Look into my eyes, Little

Several studies prove that people who look others straight in the eye are perceived as smarter and more competent. Anyone who keeps eye contact will automatically be more self-confident and open-minded. But beware, do not overdo it – otherwise you may be intrusive and even aggressive.

2. Dress to impress

More than 50 percent of the first impression is determined by visual stimuli – and of course your outfit plays a big role here. Make sure that your clothing fits the occasion, reflects your personality and makes you feel good. However, your outfit should not be too noticeable – with classics such as a Little Black Dress (for a date) or a white blouse (for a job interview) you are always well dressed. Even more important than your outfit, however, is to look well-groomed: freshly washed hair, clean fingernails and a subtle make-up always make for a good first impression. A greasy approach and yellow teeth? Not so much.

3. The right pitch

Your voice and the way you speak say a lot about you. When you’re gasping for breath and your breathing is fast and irregular, others immediately realize you’re nervous and unbalanced. Pieces in the style of Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory are also unsafe and are not taken seriously. Deeper voices, on the other hand, seem immediately sovereign and competent.

4. A pleasant scent

We cannot decide which is worse: when the whole room smells of cheap perfume or sweat. Bah, both are just disgusting. However, nothing speaks against a light, subtle scent – especially vanilla has a positive effect on other people. But you should not treat yourself to more than two splashes, otherwise your perfume will be extremely intrusive and you will quickly be labeled as unsympathetic.