12 Easy Tips to Dress Like a Millionaire on a shoestring budget (Men)


When you walk in the streets, you can’t help but notice a man who stands out from the rest and look rich.

Conversely, it is a fact that mostly it is not the fancy or luxurious outfits that make them look filthy rich but the way they present themselves. This is because there is no defined way that a successful person dresses.

This means that if you also want to look rich and confident, you don’t actually need to have a lot of cash to spend on expensive stores. You only have to apply some interesting and surprisingly simple tricks to dress well and achieve that powerful rich look.

To help you out, here are a few tricks on how to dress like a millionaire on a shoestring budget.

1. Rich look doesn’t mean trendy stuff

One of the worst things about trend is that it doesn’t last long. You may buy an outfit that is very sexy but you won’t be able to wear it the next season as it will be looking so-last-season.

What was cool last season, is usually an abomination this season, and to keep up with all that you have to invest an important amount of money and of course time.

2. Find a Good Tailor

Well-fitting clothing can really improve your whole appearance.

To dress well and look rich or like a millionaire, you need to wear clothing that look tailored to your body shape. Each single piece of your outfit should look like it was made specifically for you.

A good tailor can help you adjust the size of all your pants. On the other hand, you should stay away from the regular fit and also padded suit jackets as they will totally ruin your outfit.

3. No logos

It is worth noting that the most popular and expensive brands usually don’t include their tags on the visible parts of their clothing. Therefore, you should opt to get items of mysterious origins or even remove all tags from your clothing.

Because rich and fashioned people in general, can recognize whether the outfit you wear -for social event for instance- is a good or bad quality, and you will get to that point too if you still can’t, it’s only a matter of getting used to this kind of stuff.

4. Accessories

Less is more and, therefore, only wear a few discreet pieces of jewelry. A nice watch is a very important accessory to go by even if it isn’t a Rolex or Cartier Tank.

5. Buy good quality shoes

The shoes that you wear define your entire outfit. On that account, you just can’t ignore what you wear down.

When choosing your shoes, always try to choose pairs with minimal styles so that you are able to combine most of your pairs with different outfits.

You should never be afraid to spend a little extra on quality shoes. If you have a limited budget, you can try and invest in at least one really good pair, in which you will look both rich and well dressed.

6. Cologne and perfume

No one can ignore the way someone smells, especially when it’s remarkable.

But less is good in men’s case.

A man shouldn’t be using too much perfume. However, this depends actually on where you are, for example in some European countries like France, a man can smell colognes remarkably, and it is completely fine.

The advice here, if you can’t afford a real pricey perfume, you should go with the mysterious case. Which means, don’t smell anything at all, unless it is top cleanliness.

7. Keep your items super clean

If you want to dress well and look rich, you must keep your items as clean as new.

For example, you should have different brushes for a specific use like suits for a specific type of cloth, and the same thing for shoes, and they certainly will coast you nothing.

Besides, you have to be careful about the way you wash your clothes, don’t keep them for a long time in the washing machine for instance, so not to be wasted.

Sometimes you can use own hands to gently wash your clothes, especially when it is a good quality shirt you spent extra money on.

8. Take good care of your health

To dress well is not enough for you to look Rich. Because rich people always take real care not only of their look but also of their health.

To take care of your health, you need to start eating healthy food which will certainly be less expensive, especially if you know how to cook and prepare your own homemade meals.

In addition to a healthy diet you have to start training to get more strength and build some muscles.

To hit the gym or train at home doesn’t really matter as long as you are doing it regularly.

9. Hair and/or Head

The only thing you have to wear every day, and you don’t get nor to choose neither to buy, is your hair.

So, you have to take care of it, to make sure it lasts longer and stays in a good shape.

However, if it’s too late, being bold is also an option, especially when you have a good round shaped head as “Mr. Raymond Reddington” from “The Blacklist”.

But if you don’t feel comfortable to expose your bold head, try and wear a stylish hat that suites your face shape, otherwise find a good barber for good and professional advice.

10. Aesthetic

Yes sir! Don’t feel ashamed of making your face look prettier by using some of face masks to get rid of the little dirt of our daily life routine gained from some unhealthy food, or air pollution, like blackheads or so.

You must keep your nails cut-n-clean, because your hands are always exposed and you used them more than any other part in your social life like shaking hands, holding you beer, or a fork when eating etc.

11. Social life

When you are in a restaurant or a coffee-shop, looking rich is not always enough, but the way you act, behave and sit is very important as well.

How you sit should be straight and in a healthy way. Because the way you sit on your couch at home is definitely inappropriate in a public place.

To be respected, behave and respect people who serves you, and people around you, don’t think being a rich millionaire is to be rude and act like your boss that you hate, this way you will be considered and treated like a gentleman.

Be the first to know and attend the openings of fancy restaurants, pubs and night clubs… they usually make it open bar during the inauguration, but never stick till the end of the party, for instance, in a night club never stay till the last minute, you should leave before the crowed.

12. Psychological state

Being a millionaire, is having what you almost need as long as it is about the money.

The point here is, when you have it all, you are happy, so remember when you are in the outside world, you have to give a good impression about yourself, by not looking sad and gloomy.

Draw a smile on your face, and that will certainly affect your mood and people around you by sharing good vibes, as Paolo Coelho said: “happiness multiplies when it’s divided”.

Rich people are always looking happy, so be and act like a happy person, and enjoy your moments.


Even though you may not have enough cash to afford all the things you would love to own, that shouldn’t prevent you from looking stylish and dress like a millionaire.

Hopefully, with the above tips you will be able to build your own wardrobe on a budget that will help you dress well and look rich and successful.