Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: Must Have Clothes Items For Men


Contrary to style, fashion is a very fickle thing. Seasons flux, trends change, what’s the in thing today is out the next day are the few players when it comes to fashion. Style however is different. Despite the regular transformations in fashion trends, certain men’s essential clothing will always have you looking good regardless of the time or the year. Though the basic essentials that constitute a stylish man’s wardrobe isn’t that long, some men might find it a hassle when it comes to choosing the vital clothing that should be included in their closets. Below are some of the men’s wardrobe essentials and the key must have clothes items for men.

Button Down Oxford Shirt

As there is little that won’t go perfectly with this outfit, it has been assumed to be the most versatile and timeless piece one can ever own. The shirt can be worn either with a suit to give a more casual look, crew neck jumper for a night out drinking or paired with slim navy chinos and a statement belt. Due to its softer fabric and naturally smart collar, it allows you to straddle the line between formal and informal.

White T-shirt

Because it matches with everything you own, the white t-shirt is an essential piece in the must have clothes items for men. Look for something crafted from high quality cotton as not only will it feel better against your skin but also your hands won’t have to suffer during the laundry sessions.

Bomber Jacket

Maybe it’s their distinct layering potential or the masculine military vibe it has. But for whichever reason, they make any man look even more handsome the moment they slip into one. There are numerous versions to pick from but it’s better to look for luxe fabrics ranging from silk to suede while also considering one endowed with patterns and graffiti.

Slim Fit Navy Chinos

Cotton chinos are the best alternative to jeans since they help one to attain both a casual and a formal look. Tracing their roots to the military, they possess a definite uniform element that gives one a classic, cool and smart vibe. Moreso, they can be paired with almost everything in your wardrobe from a buttoned down shirt to that formal appeal or a t-shirt and bomber jacket for Saturday night drinks.

White Sneakers

Regardless of the season, these white babies will always constitute the essentials of any stylish man’s wardrobe. From jeans and t-shirts to joggers and suits, there is a wide range of clothing you can rock them with and still look amazing. This is due to their confined, fuss-free and subtle aesthetic element which they possess. If taken good care of, white sneakers will remain to be your wardrobe go-to for a couple more years to come.

Boxer Briefs

Rather than the bulky and loose pair boxers, invest in a slim type instead that will ensure that everything is kept in place and fits perfectly under any pair of trouser. Choose from the finest fabrics preferably cotton so as to ensure that your boxer neither fades nor loses shape slowly. Remember, we all can’t look good in a pair of underwear just like magazine models but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t invest in a good pair of quality boxer briefs.

Looking good goes a long way to not only improve your personal appeal but also help boost your self-confidence. With the current high-flying attitude in menswear, there are numerous options from which one can choose from while still maintaining that classy look. Should it be day or night occasions the above pieces will go a long way to make sure that you look incredibly good.