Simple and Easy Guide to Keep Your New Years Resolution Ideas going


When a new year begins, this is the perfect time to break old habits, make new decisions and set new years resolution goals.

Studies and research show that 50% of the population makes resolutions at the start of each year.

Some activities like Debt reduction, better money management, body fitness, weight loss and abstinence from drugs are the top new years resolution ideas.

However, most people are not able to keep their resolutions.

They run the set goals very well for several weeks, but after some time people backslide.

And when the year is over, many are where they started or even worse far behind.

You might be probably wondering:

What stops people from keeping their resolutions?

Is the population lazy or weak-willed to achieve their goals?

The primary reason that most people fail to keep their new years resolution is:

Lack of enough efforts.

It’s very difficult to get out of your comfort zone, but in order to succeed you need to make gradual changes to adapt new habits and improve your life.

Here is some simple and easy steps that will help you achieve the set goals and keep all your new years resolution ideas alive:

1. Keep your new years resolution ideas simple

One of the main reasons people fail to follow through with their new years resolution is that they set nearly impossible goals.

Every year people try to completely overhaul their life and set impossible goals.

Set simple goals and make your resolutions your hobbies (something you want to

For you to succeed and keep your new years resolution start by reflecting why you failed during the start of this year and this will help you set simpler resolutions.

It is better to make smaller steps than stagnate when trying to make one huge leap.

2. Plan a time-frame

Time frames are particularly important when one is trying to achieve their goals.

You can set your own specific time-frame depending on the difficulty of the problem.

If you are trying to stop a habit, you can use a weekly schedule.

When are trying to achieve certain goals use a quarterly approach and have targets.

Time-frames are vital for monitoring your progress. By a calendar or install an app that will help you track your progress and avoid getting distracted.

3. Prioritize

you need to opt one or two things that you can fully focus on rather than picking too many things you want to achieve.

4. Response/ feedback

make sure you ask your friends or co-workers whether they notice any changes from the actions you have decided to take. I.e., whether you’re losing weight

5. Take notes

Time-frames are ineffective when one does not have physical reminders. Keep details of your resolutions by writing them down in a notebook.

Having a physical reference point will prevent you from cheating yourself along the way.

Most people tend to memorize their resolutions and keep on modifying along the way.

A physical reminder helps one maintain discipline and stops them from cheating themselves.

If you are trying to lose weight, you can use photos and measurements to track your progress.

6. Gradual change is key

Avoid burdening yourself with unattainable goals. You can set reward yourself along the way only when you achieve a certain goal.

Having a reward system will help you focus on your path to change. Treats encourage you to achieve your goals and avoid getting lost along the way.

7. Commit to your New years resolution goals

make yourself accountable and tell your close friends about it so that they may offer their help in the process.

8. Accept hardships

keep going and be strong even if the difficulties get tough. You shouldn’t stop pursuing your goals when you experience the setbacks, especially the first one.

9. Don’t give up

Giving is the main reason why many people never actualize their resolutions.

Procrastination and lack of discipline prevent one from succeeding and destroys one’s self-esteem.

Failing along the way is quite common and you should not give up.

Stay strong and you will emerge as a winner in the long run.

What’s the bottom line?

Make sure you’re the type of individual that is focused and has a strong will to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Combine it with some fun goals you’re the kind of person that needs a lot of motivating.