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Healthy Tattoo Removal Options


Many people regret tattoos that they’ve gotten. If you’re interested in removing some of your ink, then you’re certainly not alone. There’s good and bad news when it comes to tattoo removal. The bad news is that tattoos are designed to be permanent and even the top-notch removal procedures won’t always work for everyone. Your chance of success varies with skin color, tattoo color, and the size of the tattoo.However, there is also some healthy tattoo removal options that will work just perfectly.

Dangerous Tattoo Removals

These are some of the tattoo removal methods that have been used which will cause scarring or be ineffective.


This technique involves “sanding” down skin. When the area heals the tattoo will likely be gone but it will generally leave scars.

Surgical removal

This is a technique where the tattooed skin is removed and the surrounding skin is sewn back together. Obviously, this can only be done on small tattoos and a scar may appear with this method.


This can also be known as cryotherapy and freeze-burns the tattooed area with liquid nitrogen. This method can be incredibly painful and will likely leave a scar as well.

Healthy Tattoo Removal

All of the above methods of getting a tattoo removed can cause damage to your skin and may not be effective at removing the tattoo entirely. The best way to remove a tattoo safely is with Q-switched lasers. This healthy tattoo removal process uses lasers which search for contrast between skin tones and the ink and emits a pulse intensely on the skin. The laser beam will then break the ink down into small particles that your body will absorb over time.

In most cases, it can take several treatment methods for laser removal to be effective. Larger or multicolored tattoos can take longer to remove as well. Most people experience discomfort with the tattoo removal and may have some redness or mild irritation. However, this method will not cause scarring and is both safe and effective.

Other factors to consider include the contrast between the ink and your skin tone as well as the age of the tattoo. Tattoos that are brightly colored are easier to remove as the laser can distinguish between the ink and your skin color. Additionally, older tattoos of at least five years are easier to remove since they are partially broken down in your body over time. If you’re interested in having a tattoo removed, make sure to choose a method that is both safe and effective.