5 Kids Party Ideas


A kids party is always a memorable event. Your kid will remember it throughout his or her life. Hence, you have to make sure that it is special. Here are some great kids party ideas.

Story Book Character Dress Up

This is a very popular theme for kids party ideas but it is extremely enjoyable. Here, every kid has to dress up as their favorite storybook character. From Cinderella to Robinhood, it can be any character. However, this is not all. The fun part of the party is that every kid has to dress the character of the others. In order to guess the name, he will only get 20 questions. In order to make the party more enjoyable, you can also ask each kid to bring the book of their character and then exchange it with others.

Lego Themed Kids Party

You won’t find a kid who doesn’t love Lego. Hence, with a Lego themed party, you can never go wrong. Before the kids come in, first you have to decorate the place with some eye-catching Lego Designs. The entire place should look really colorful. Then make sure that you have enough Lego pieces to let the kids play with.

Treasure Hunt

This is also a great idea. for a kids party. Divide all the kids into groups of three or four and then start the treasure hunt. The first team to get to the treasure wins. Several clues will be there which will help them to figure out the exact location of the treasure. The treasure can be anything like a cake or a large piece of chocolate or maybe something better depending on your budget.

Indoor Beach party

It’s not always possible to take your kids to the beach. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a beach party. Ask all the kids to bring some beach toys. You need a kiddie pool for this party. Fill it up with water and allow all the kids to get inside and play. After some time, you can also drain the water and turn the pool into a ball pit.

Backyard Carnival

This will take a bit of hard work but will be extremely fun if you can make it happen. In case you have a large garage or backyard, you can convert it into a game zone. Some of the games which you can include are ” Throw at the Soda Bottles” or you can also construct a mini-golf course. If possible, have a cotton or a popcorn stand.