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Happy Couple: 10 Easy Habits to Maintain a Happy Relationship

Simple steps to have a better relationship


All kind of relationships are based on good values. Whether they are friendship or social relationships; Respect, confidence, communication, empathy and cooperation are key values to keep your social life happy and healthy.

On the other hand, there are other things to do as a couple to maintain a healthy relationship, But they need extra work and more persistent and maturity to make it work.

A happy couple is aware that real relationship starts when the honeymoon is over. They know that the beauty of their relationship will die unless they cultivate the garden of love.

Some habits may seem to be obvious and simple, but when they are applied with care they sure get to improve your relationship for the best.

Here are the 10 most important things to do as a couple for a happy relationship.

1.First things first.. Respect

We all get angry sometimes, and it is very normal that conflicts arise between humans in general and couples in particular, by arguing on different matters, it is not about not getting mad, or hide what bothers us, but it is always about speaking to our partner with respect.

We need to know that our actions, behaviors and words matter a lot. When we argue, we do not engage in physical fights or abusive reactions.

We have to learn how to control our emotions, in order not to be dominated by our anger. To do so, we always need to breathe deeply, and take some time before answering or reacting towards any situation while in rage.

Yelling, insulting, threatening or downgrading are not to be forgiven, and if your partner forgave you, he or she sure will not forget your insulting actions, neither do you, because they are considered violent and they hurt deeply.

There is no excuse for offensive expressions or reactions towards your partner. That’s why it is very important to draw some red lines, and choose our words carefully when expressing our disappointments and frustrations. Even when communicating a sensitive topic, we do it with compassion and care, not only in a couple’s relationship but in any kind of human relationship.

Respect need to be above all, because once it is missing, the relationship becomes toxic.

2.Be friends

One of the best things to do as a couple is to be your partner’s good or best friend, because friendship is the ability to express oneself with no bonds without worrying about your partner’s judgement.

A friend is always needed, they listen to you with compassion, and make you laugh, and they are trustworthy…

If you can’t be your partner’s friend, you have to know that she/he is going to look for and find one, then things will be hidden from you, your partner will start to exclude you from some topics, and step by step you will find yourselves stuck in a relationship that neither one of you can handle anymore.

3.Nice and kind

As long as the relationship lasts, our confidence to each other and the daily routine make kindness and affection fade away.

To prevent this from happening, we have to remember that, we all would love be treated in a nice and kind way, if you would love to be treated in that way, treat your partner the likewise.

For example, smiling, a “good morning” kiss, “good night honey”, asking for things with “please”, and a “thank you”, are beautiful things to do as a couple to maintain and improve an emotional relationship, as well as compliments especially when you say them over and over again, I love you, you look amazing, I love your eyes, hair… Show to your partner that he or she is loved, respected, and that you simply care.

4.Be trustworthy

Relationships are based on mutual confidence, your partner shall know that he/she can count on you and trust you. And to win someone’s trust, you have to start by doing little things right, like respecting time on a date, remember things that matter to them, keep your promise, be cheerful.

Nevertheless, even when we are not on good terms, we have to believe that our relationship will remain honest, faithful and we will take care of each other’s interests. We always have to appreciate one another and give each other a hand when in need.

When you disagree, what couples do is they talk about it and forgive each other. A happy couple trust their relationship, and they view it as a place of peace and security.

5.Good communication

Beside the things couples do in their sexual life, intellectual and open minded discussions are very important too, we have to feel free and able to talk about anything and everything, especially topics or feelings which make us worry the most.

However, couples should avoid arguing seriously about common and daily life routine and conflicts, like wash the dishes right after using them or do not walk in front of when I’m watching my favorite show or any other small issues than can lead into serious conflicts or even break up.

In any relationship, there are many disagreements and disputes. When a conflict occurs, there are three options couples do. They can choose to turn away from each other by watching TV or offer the silent treatment, or they can decide to turn against each other by shouting and fighting each other, or turn towards each other and discuss it gently.

The best thing a happy couple does is the latter option to save their relationship, even if it is not easy to turn towards each other, but it’s the best for a better lasting relationship.

However being a good listener shows your partner how mature, and careful person you are.

6.Team up

Life is full of a lot of obstacles and problems, and to face them as a couple is a lot easier than doing it alone. If you have a partner, you have to be grateful, and happy to share with her or him your ideas on decisions you want to make.

Because in a way or another he or she will be affected buy that decision. And in doing so you tend to bring them to your side and stand by you and they will.

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes as a team to go through life, and make the best decisions.

When dealing with a situation no matter how hard or easy it is, two minds are certainly very much better than one, even when arguing about complicated and hard decisions concerning your job issues for instance, but at least you made your partner a part of it. And if your partner couldn’t understand your work issues and gives you the best advice you expect, at least he or she was listening to you and cares.

7.Never push the relationship to be perfect

Happy couples are aware that for a union to work, they do not need to push things. When the honeymoon period is over, they need to concentrate on the future. This means they need to make their relationship a real one and accept that each one has some qualities and some weaknesses.

A happy couple does not see their spouse as a system that needs upgrading or a person that is full of mistakes. They also get out of the way to make the relationship work.

8.Make time for each other

A happy couple knows that one of the major thing to do as couple is they need to spend time together to make their union stronger.

Whether they decide to spend the time watching a movie or jogging in the park, the most important thing is being together. Whether they have the money or not, the significant thing is the time spent together, that no currency can buy.

9.A happy couple give each other some space

No wonder that any human being sometimes needs some time alone.

In a relationship, if your partner feels like want to have some space and time alone, don’t be persistent to get into his or her mind, because actually there’s nothing in it.

Sometimes solitude is a good thing for the brain and soul.

Pushing your partner to talk about things that don’t matter or small details may cause serious issues, or even brake up as it is already mentioned, when it is not even worth it, especially when nothing goes wrong, if one of you chooses silence or sometime away from you be supportive.

Let each one of you have fun with others (relatives, coworkers, friends…) and don’t be or tend to dominate all the things your partner does.

10.Be a Family

Family is bunch of people that are randomly put together”. A funny definition about family and it is true though.

The point here is, no one chooses his parents, sisters or brothers, but still you can do nothing about it, and you do your best when one of these relatives annoys you, to make things work between you.

However, in couples relationship you had the choice to choose your partner at the first time, with time you will find out and deep down in you, you knew it already, that no one is perfect, but if you really love that person and you consider her or him as a family member, certainly you will work things out.

11.bored or not bored

At certain level couples sometimes get to feel bored about their relationship or the person they are dating.

And the best things to do as a couple to avoid boredom, is tending to do exciting and fun activities as couples and friends, same things each one of you does with his or her friends to get rid of the burdens and stress carried through the week in a weekend for example, make your life exciting and worth to live it.